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    You are never too old to have those beautiful straight teeth you have always dreamt of.

    Orthodontic Treatment is not just for children. More and more adults are now seeking contemporary orthodontic treatment for cosmetic and functional reasons.

    The basic Biological and mechanical process of tooth movement is the same at any age. Therefore orthodontic treatment can be successfully completed in healthy adult patients. It can make teeth more attractive, more functional and improve jaw alignment.

    What can orthodontic treatment help with?

    Orthodontic treatment can have a positive influence on the following dental problems:

    Modern adult orthodontic treatments not only improve the teeth alignment and arrangement, but are also designed to be completed in the shortest possible time with optimal results:

    Finesse Dental offers the following options of treatment for our adult patients:

    Teeth straightening is now possible at ANY AGE!

    Dr. Robby Sehmi is highly experienced, trained and accredited for all the above modern orthodontic treatments. He is also the only accredited dentist in Stanhope Gardens for these treatments.

    We are now offering a FREE Teeth Straightening Consultation.

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