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    Have you always wanted straighter teeth but dreaded the use of bulky appliances such as metal braces? Look no further because Finesse Dental Clinic is now offering ClearCorrect.

    What is it?
    ClearCorrect is a nearly invisible, comfortable and removable clear aligner that will straighten teeth in several months (treatment time varies).


    • They are clear aligners so most people won’t notice that your wearing them
    • Easily removable so there is no need to change your diet and flossing / brushing won’t b a hassle
    • Effective
    • Affordable

    Steps involved:

    1. Come down to Finesse dental clinic in Sydney so that our dentists can evaluate if you are a good candidate for ClearCorrect
    2. Our dentists will then take photos, X-Rays and impressions / scans of your teeth and decide which tooth movements you will need to achieve your ideal smile.
    3. Once a 3D model of your current smile and your ideal smile has been created, a series of clear plastic aligners are made to custom fit you.
    4. Each set of aligner will apply targeted pressure to selected teeth.
    5. Your progress is checked periodically and you will be given a new set of clear aligners as your teeth starts to slowly move into alignment.


    Would you love to have beautiful, straight teeth?

    Be sure to give us a call on 02 8824 4800 and our Team at Finesse Dental will be more than willing to assist you with any of your queries and bookings

    For more information on Clearcorrect, please call 02 8824 4800 or contact us online.