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    Magic AlignerMagic Aligner is a removable orthodontic system, combining the advantages of the fixed appliance therapy with clear aligners, for a fast orthodontic corrections. The difference with Magic Aligner is that you get the benefits of fixed braces plus the advantage of it being totally removable, making it perfect for teenagers and adults. Magic Aligner provides light and constant forces with the use of NiTi wires, and can often treat far more varied cases than traditional clear aligners.These advantages reduce the length of treatment compared to classic aligners, as well as the cost.magicalignerfinal

    Magic Braces FAQs

    Are Magic Braces™ Ideal For Me?

    Are Magic Braces™ Ideal For Me?

    Magic Braces are designed with adult needs in mind – to have a great smile in a short amount of time that also isn’t going to break the bank.

    Magic Braces can treat a wide range of concerns that clear aligners and many other orthodontic options cannot. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Gaps between teeth
    • Crooked teeth
    • Crowded teeth
    • Protruding teeth
    • Uneven gum lines
    • Prominent front teeth

    Magic Braces are designed to quickly, yet safely, address these concerns leaving you with a great smile in months, not years.”

    Do I Have To Wear Big Metal Braces?

    You do NOT have to wear metal braces on your teeth. We use clear, nearly invisible, braces on your teeth. These braces have a chameleon like effect blending seamlessly in with your teeth. This makes them nearly impossible for anyone to see. In some cases we can also offer lingual braces that are places behind your teeth.

    Do Magic Braces™ Cost More Than Regular Braces?

    Because Magic Braces™ treatment is completed far sooner than other orthodontic treatment, this makes them less expensive and patients endure fewer visits. Finesse Dental understands that costs is often the reason patients don’t proceed which is why we have several payment plans including a no deposit option to help ease the financial pressure and get you on your way to your new smile as soon as possible.

    How Can My Teeth Be Straightened In Just Six Months?

    Magic Braces™ uses time tested techniques combined with the latest in orthodontic materials and technologies to move your teeth quickly and safely.

    Many of the component pieces that make up Six Month Braces® have been used in orthodontics for over 60 years. Magic Braces™ simply puts these pieces together in a new and exciting way to achieve our main goal of giving you the smile you always wanted in the fastest time possible.

    Magic Braces™ Vs. Invisalign – Which Is For Me?

    You may have heard of Invisalign – clear trays that are removable. While it has its advantages, Invisalign also has its shortcomings – it can’t treat more difficult cases, it has a long treatment time, and there is considerable daily fuss to remove and clean them each time you eat and drink. In order to get the desired results Invisalign also often requires attachments and elastic bands which due to their visibility considerably decrease Invisalign’s main benefit – being clear and discrete.

    90% of our patients that come in for an initial consultation interested in Invisalign switch to Magic Braces™ and the reasons are simple – you get a better and more predictable result, in a faster time that costs you less.

    Magic braces are priced from $2000.

    We are now offering a FREE Magic Aligner Consultation.

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