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    Custom Mouthguards

    Finesse Dental has teamed up with GuardLab to provide you with customised mouthguards made using the latest technology. Getting your custom mouthguard is easy! Simply book an appointment with us so we can do a 3D scan of your mouth that creates an exact digital model.

    Why do I need a custom guard?

    Guardlab mouth guards provide the best protection while you play. A well-designed custom guard provides the highest level of protection because its design can be individualized for both the athlete and the sport. The precise 3D scanning ensures an EXCELLENT, snug fit and optimal comfort. This is particularly important for our youth athletes because the comfort of the guard increases the likelihood that it will be worn.
    Now for the technical part: when your individual guard is created the lab ensures they optimize the position of your jaw to help absorb impact and dissipate pressure to assist in injury prevention. Additionally, it has been proven that this perfect alignment enhances flexibility, balance, strength and explosive power.

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    For more information on Custom Guardlab Mouthguards, please call 02 8824 4800 or contact us online and book an appointment to get scanned today!