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    Dental Infection Control At Finesse Dental, we consider infection control and patient’s safety very important. So, we adhere to stringent sterilisation protocols and procedures using new and modern equipment, complying with current Australian guidelines.

    Our sterilisation room includes an ultrasonic unit and an autoclave. Once the instruments have been sterilised in the autoclave, the bags are barcoded. When the bag is opened for use, the bar code is scanned using a scanner into the patient’s notes and that keeps a permanent record of the instrument use.

    We can track where an item is at any given point; trace where and when it was used and which patient/s it was used on within any particular time frame. Whilst this is not important on a day-to-day basis, in the extremely unlikely event of a sterilisation failure and if infection is suspected, we are able to identify and track whom an instrument was used on preceding the failure and whom it was used on after. This ensures all patients receive appropriate follow up if required.

    infection-control-syd2The Finesse Dental team not only adheres to strictest infection control protocols but is also committed to ensure that we have all the required proof of our high standards…fulfilling our promise of serving you with most modern and latest in technology.

    For more information on Infection Control, please call 02 8824 4800 or contact us online.