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    Wisdom Teeth Removal & Extraction SydneyAre your wisdom teeth causing you pain and discomfort?

    Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure that assists to eliminate the pain caused by problematic wisdom tooth development. If left in place, difficult wisdom teeth can cause severe pain, infections and serious damage to the surrounding jawbone and teeth. Many people experience issues with their wisdom teeth.

    Common problems caused by wisdom teeth include:

    • Gum disease
    • Teeth crowding
    • Decay
    • Inflammation
    • Infection
    • Cysts

    You may experience pain or swelling while your wisdom teeth grow in, or you may have no symptoms at all, even though your other teeth may be at risk of damage. Therefore, it is so important to have a wisdom tooth assessment performed by a professional dentist, If any of the following apply to you:

    • Are you looking for a qualified professional to look after you?
    • Are you anxious that removal of wisdom teeth is going to hurt?
    • Would you consider to be put to sleep in our practice (not in a hospital) so that you don’t feel a thing?
    • Is cost a prohibiting factor for your treatment?
    For more information on wisdom teeth removal & extraction, please call 02 8824 4800 or contact us online.