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    IV Sedation Sleep DentistryAbout IV Sedation

    Intravenous sedation provides profound anxiety relief and relaxation during dental procedures. The sedative is given through a vein in the arm or back of the hand. The patient drifts off into a state of drowsiness; time seems to pass very quickly.

    A sedated patient has their breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels constantly monitored and is always under the care of a second Dentist (separate to the one performing your procedure). After IV (Intravenous) sedation, you will need someone to take you home, and you will be groggy for several hours. It is better to allow yourself the rest of the day to recover.

    I.V. sedation is useful for patients who:

    • Have medium to severe anxiety in anticipation of pain or discomfort (usually the result of a traumatic dental experience in childhood)
    • Gag or cannot keep their mouth open for a long period of time
    • Had difficulty in the past with local anesthetics ‘not working’ for them, medium to extreme anxiety can sometimes heighten sensitivity.
    • Are undergoing surgical procedures, for example, implants or tooth removal
    • Are children, people with impairments, disabilities or dementia
    • Desire treatment to be completed in comfort and without recall of any procedures
    • Would like to complete as much treatment as possible in one appointment

    We do ‘Wisdom Tooth Extractions‘ under IV Sedation

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