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Yearly Archives: 2015


Do your teeth suffer from Bruxism or better known as Grinding? Bruxism is a condition that many people suffer from, it is when you clench your jaw muscles and grind your teeth together during your sleep. Bruxism is an involuntary habit. You may not even know that you are grinding your teeth at night but

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How to avoid tooth decay

Tooth decay is one of Australia’s most common health conditions, with the right care you can prevent your chances of getting tooth decay and have a healthy, happy smile. Tips on how to avoid tooth decay – Brush your teeth for 2 minutes, twice daily. Be sure to check that you are using the correct

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Inman Aligner Course Sydney

Congratulations! Dr. Sehmi on running a very successful Inman Aligner course in Sydney. “Robby is a fantastic Inman trainer who implemented the system into his practice on a huge scale and has treated many different kind of cases with tremendous success. He is huge exponent of the Inman Aligner and Progressive Smile Design concept in

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Straighten Teeth Fast with the New Inman Aligner

The revolutionary Inman Aligner now offers patients a fast orthodontic solution at an affordable cost. Only certified Inman Aligner dentists can provide them. Dr. Robby Sehmi is one of the very few dentists in Australia to be fully accredited for Inman Aligner procedure. Dr. Sehmi, describes the treatment perfectly when he calls it a ‘mild

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Welcome to Finesse Dental

Finesse Dental: Your Dentist in Sydney, For All your General, Cosmetic and Adult Orthodontics needs. Come visit us for an exceptional smile with exceptional care We believe that you deserve a smile that expresses your confidence, well-being and overall health. We can rehabilitate the whole mouth through our cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry and comprehensive teeth

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