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Braces – You Are Never Too Old for Braces!

The thought of having traditional metal braces is unappealing to some people, most  particularly adults. With modern technology however, there are now other options for adults that wish to have a better smile. Today, orthodontic treatment is a viable option for almost any adult. With advancements in orthodontic treatment, you have many options available to you that will fit in with your current lifestyle. Finesse Dental offers a range of treatment options ranging from six month braces, clear correct, inman aligner to invisalign. To know which one is suitable for you, book in a free consultation with our dentists who can assess your situation and discuss what treatment will be most appropriate for you.

At times we may need to refer our patients to our preferred orthodontic specialists (e.g. patients below 18 yrs old) such as Norwest Orthodontics. Norwest Orthodontics is located in Norwest Business Park, Bella Vista. They specialise in orthodontic work with customised treatment options for patients referred by Finesse Dental.

If you don’t feel confident with your smile it makes it harder to be confident with others. At Finesse Dental, we aim to help all our patients get their smiles and their confidence back with the very best orthodontic treatments. Talk to our friendly staff at Finesse Dental (02) 8824 4800 today and book in a free smile consultation!

It is never too late to have a beautiful healthy smile!!  🙂

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