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Brighten your Smile on your Wedding Day!

wedding-day-smileEveryone wants to look their best and feel gorgeous on their wedding day!

With photos taken thick and fast and loved ones to welcome, you want to make sure you’ve got the perfect smile to shine at your guests and new spouse. Teeth whitening is the quick and easy option to improve your smile without needing to have major work done.

Why should I get my teeth whitened?

Photographers might edit and share the most flattering photos, but relatives and friends won’t! The first pictures people will see of your special day will be the candid Instagram and Facebook snaps taken by your guests. With professionally done make-up and hair and your dream dress, your bright white smile will be the perfect finishing touch.

wedding-day-smile2What’s involved in getting my teeth whitened?

First, you’ll receive a thorough oral exam, to make sure that any discoloration of your teeth isn’t due to a dental problem that needs another kind of treatment. Next, you’ll have a choice of two teeth whitening methods: ZOOM WHITENING or TAKE HOME WHITENING KITS:

  • ZOOM Whitening – uses the most highly-concentrated whitening solutions, and offers the most dramatic results. Your teeth may be lightened from two to eight shades after a single one-hour treatment! While you’re being treated, your dentist will carefully protect and monitor sensitive areas of the teeth, gums and mouth.
  • TAKE HOME WHITENING KITS – your dentist will first make a cast of your teeth, which is then used to custom-fabricate a set of flexible mouth trays. You fill the trays with whitening gels we provide, and wear them at home for about an hour at a time. You’ll get nearly the same results, but the process may take a few weeks.

Don’t forget, it’s not just for the ladies – men can get their teeth brightened too! Don’t let insecurity get in your way! The confidence boost of a perfect smile will only add to how much you’ll enjoy your special day with your new spouse. These are photos you’ll look back on forever, so why not splash out on something that will make you look a million dollars not just for the wedding, but for the honeymoon too!

Come in for a consultation with our dentists at Finesse Dental to talk about your wedding smile teeth whitening options for your big day. Give us a call on 8824 4800 to make a booking today!


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