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The Smart Dentin Grinder

The Smart Dentin Grinder

Finesse Dental has always been on the forefront of modern dentistry. We add all new and useful equipment to our practice that can help our patients and their dental procedures. The smart dentin grinder is the latest addition towards our commitment to patient service.

The Smart Dentin Grinder is a simple and efficient way to use your own tooth to build bone after a tooth is removed. Your own teeth provide the nutrients needed to build new bone after a tooth is removed, this can reduce the cost of surgery before an implant is placed.

At Finesse Dental, we are proud to add the very latest equipment – the Smart Dentin Grinder that offers a simple and efficient way to use autogenic qualities to provide superior aesthetic care.

These include:

  • Ankylosis – natural fusion of autogenic graft with site bone which accelerates healing
  • Rapid restoration due to fast osteo-integration
  • Osteogenic and osteoconductive properties
  • Maintain bone level with minimal graft resorption
  • No disease transmission or allograft related complications
  • More economical than most grafts on the market
  • Bone replacement remodeling over time

If you have any questions regarding the services we offer and wish to book an appointment with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff and personalized service will provide you results you want.

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