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Dentures VS Dental Implants

Losing teeth can be very heartbreaking. It is not uncommon for adults to lose teeth from tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease or an unfortunate incident. Though it is very hard to consider all the factors before settling for a teeth replacement option, it has to be done as soon as possible. Dentures and dental implants are some of the tooth replacements and it is up to you to decide what suits you best.

• Removable parts that are attached to your gums to replace the missing teeth as well as some gum tissues.
• Complete dentures replace your complete set of teeth
• Partial dentures take the place of the missing ones amidst the natural teeth.

Dental Implants
• Metal posts that are fused with the jawbone of the patient to act as an anchor for the artificial teeth.
• Support a single tooth, multiple teeth and even dentures in some cases.
• Tooth implants cost in Sydney is significantly higher than the traditional bridges and dentures because of the complexity of the procedure and the high quality of the material and equipment involved.

Long term benefit
• Dental implants cost in Sydney may be higher. But they are more beneficial in the long run.
• If properly cared, implants can last even for a lifetime while dentures need frequent replacement.
• Implants help to maintain your oral health without any bone loss

Insurance benefits
Dentures are covered by most dental insurance plans. But the cost of the dental implants in Sydney isn’t typically eligible for insurance claims as they are often classified as a cosmetic procedure. On the whole, the higher initial cost of tooth implants in Sydney might discourage you. But they provide better quality of life and oral health compared to the Dentures!

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