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Dio Navi Digital Implant Technology

Dio Navi digital implants are the revolutionary complete implant system which allows for cone beam and scanner images to be seamlessly integrated together and uses consistent materials to maximise the effectiveness of the implants. The producers of Dio Navi have brought out shorter implants and implants that are UV activated as they are constantly working to adapt their digital implants as technology advances and improves. As this technology improves, the experience just becomes easier and more effective for the customer with comfort and ease being at the forefront of their innovations. This constant innovation also allows dentists using the Dio Navi system more precision and ease within their work and, since the surgical guide and the implants are provided, including the prosthesis, and the materials used are all consistent, the rate of success when using this system is much higher than with standard dental implants.

Dio Navi Digital Implants vs Standard Dental Implants

Dental implants in general can seem like an intimidating or daunting option to have to consider when needing to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are posts that fuse to the jaw bone in order to reliably secure replacement teeth in place and keep them in place comfortably for a lifetime and provide you with a permanent solution to tooth loss. Typically, dental implants are fitted by a surgical incision being made into the gum so that the post (which will hold the implant) can be placed on it. Fitting Dio Navi digital implants does not involve making any incisions in the mouth or gum and so is a far more comfortable, less invasive and more time efficient method of replacing missing teeth. Due to the lack of incision, there is also a highly reduced risk of any infections or complications developing after the procedure and the procedure can be completed within two hours (unlike the surgical option which can take much longer across various days and appointments, especially when including the time needed to recover).

Dio Navi implants can be performed much more precisely than a standard dental implant due to the bespoke, personalised, procedure guide that we generate with data from the initial scan. This means that a Dio dental implant will be much more comfortable than the average implant, especially immediately after the procedure but also throughout the longevity of the implants. 

After a Dio Navi Digital Implant Procedure:

The procedure for fitting Dio Navi Digital Implants is so minimally invasive that a patient is able to return to their everyday activities that very same day with only the need for over the counter medication and pain relief. After the patient has fully recovered, Dio implants need only be cared for like anyone would care for their regular teeth. The comfort of the implants should remain for very long periods of time, even full lifetimes, and with just standard dental care needed to maintain them, they are a cost efficient, timesaving, safe and minimally invasive option for anyone needing to replace teeth. 


If a patient would like to go ahead with getting digital implants fitted, we would suggest that you request a custom-built abutment. This is available from Dio Navi if it is requested and it can make all the difference in the longevity of the implants. Although the abutment can be tightened later down the line if needed,. As some general abutments can lead to loosening, it is best to request a custom-built abutment as this will make any loosening far less likely. If loosening does occur, the abutment can be tightened later on down the line but it is best to reduce the likelihood and request a custom one.


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