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Exactly what are Dental Implants?

dental-implants-informationMaybe you’ve heard people talk about dental implants. It’s been said that they are modern dentistry’s best option for replacing missing teeth; that they offer the highest success rate of any to tooth replacement procedure; that, with proper care, they can last just as long as your own natural teeth — a lifetime. But, you may still be wondering: What exactly are dental implants? We’re glad you asked!

Picture a tooth. It has two main parts:

  • The crown (the pearly-white part that shows up when you smile),
  • The root (the part below the gum line that anchors the tooth in the jaw.)

A dental implant permanently replaces the root part of the tooth with a special metal insert that’s placed in the jawbone with minor surgery. A crown restoration, a prosthetic tooth that’s created to look and function just like your natural teeth is then placed atop the implant. Together, they make an implant a complete tooth replacement system.

What’s so great about this system? Essentially, it’s the fact that the titanium metal of which the implant is made has a very special property:

It can integrate (fuse) with the living bone of your jaw, a process called osseo-integration. That’s what allows an implant that has been properly placed to remain looking good and functioning well for a long, long time. And isn’t that what everyone wants from their teeth?

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