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Improve your quality of life with dental implants

rightfully so. If you receive an uncomfortable, ill-fitting appliance to replace your missing teeth, then you may not look and feel like your best self.

Therefore, it’s important to weigh a number of different factors when choosing a tooth replacement treatment. Your various options, including dental implants, conventional dentures or bridges, all have certain characteristics that can affect your comfort and the smile’s function.

Dental implants tend to give patients an improved quality of life in many ways. First of all, they look and feel like natural teeth. The materials used to create the prosthetic crowns, bridges or dentures are quite lifelike. Also, because the implants provide a physical link between the replacement teeth and the jaw, dental implants feel more like a patient’s biological teeth, as well.

Because dental implants are inserted into the jaw they become a fixed part of the mouth’s structure through osseointegration. That process unfolds as the surrounding jawbone forms a bond with the implant’s titanium surface.

The bond between bone and implant offers greater stability to the jaw, which keeps the jaw’s contour consistent over time. With dental implants, the replacement bridge or denture should retain its fit for many, many years.

The structural nature of dental implants improves a patient’s ability to chew, which also benefits the patient’s quality of life. With dental implants, a patient is able to continue to enjoy a wide variety of foods, including healthy choices like fresh fruits and vegetables.

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