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The ideal bite

The ideal smile is desired by almost every person, but not many people realize the importance of an ideal bite. You may be surprised to know how many people fail to realize that they have a problem with their bite

So, what really is an ideal bite? An ideal bite may be described as a bite where the teeth of the upper jaw come in contact with those of the lower one at the same time when the mouth is closed. At the same time, the top teeth should only cover half of the lower ones at max.

There are a number of different types of abnormal bites that may be developed due to certain habits in young children or due to other dental manipulations. Here we describe the most common abnormal bites that a person can have.

  • Deep bite: the upper incisors cover the lower teeth too much when your mouth is closed.
  • Open bite: the upper teeth just do not overlap with lower ones enough.
  • Cross bite: a type of bite where the teeth cross over one another because the arch isn’t perfect.
  • Overbite: the upper teeth stick out in front of the lower ones.

How do we develop poor bites?

  • Damage to the teeth, or have been affected by trauma impacting jaw development.
  • Inflammation -jaw joints are susceptible to being inflamed,and can lead to severe pain and inability to open or close the mouth.
  • Bite defect – can cause discomfort on closing your teeth and can be cosmetically deforming. Also, any abnormal bite that is making a particular tooth touch the lower jaw first, will result in extra sensitivity and pain in that tooth.

So, are there any ways that you can correct these problems?

As a matter of fact, there are. You can have that ideal bite, and the good thing is that it isn’t complicated either. There are a number of ways that a dentist can assess a bad bite and treat it. Once the cause is identified, the dentist can improve the cosmetic appearance as well as the function. These procedures can help relieve the pain and discomfort during eating, talking or just closing your mouth. We do know the importance of having the perfect smile, it’s time we get that perfect bite too!

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