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Toothpaste – Facts

When you go to the Coles or Woolworths to buy a new tube of toothpaste, people often expect a simple and easy task. Yet when you arrive at the toothpaste aisle, there are heaps of choices which makes it overwhelming. Should you get whitening? Extra-whitening? And what are the difference within these brands, and which one is best for your teeth? There are many things to consider when buying toothpaste.

toothpaste facts

When buying toothpaste, there are many factors to keep in mind. Many toothpastes are specially formulated to combat a specific problem or situation and may not be right for everyone. When shopping for toothpaste, it is important to become familiar with specific types of toothpaste, and to determine which is right for you and your family.

Toothpaste is a gel or paste type of substance which is applied to a toothbrush to clean the teeth. This mainly white substance removes particles of food and plaque from your teeth and prevents bad. It contains a range of ingredients, like fluoride that helps to protect our teeth against tooth decay and any sorts of gum disease. Using toothpaste plays a vital  part of a daily dental care routine and dentists recommend that people use it twice a day.



Most toothpaste contains fluoride, a special chemical that aids in cleaning teeth and strengthening enamel.

Sensitive teeth

If your teeth are bothered by extreme temperatures or other irritants, sensitive toothpaste may be the best option for you. These toothpastes contain special ingredients which help block pathways that lead to nerves in the teeth.

Children’s Toothpaste

Children’s toothpaste often comes in colourful packages, which are designed to be both attractive to children and less messy than regular toothpaste, sometimes in a stand-up squeeze tube. Children’s toothpaste is also available in flavours which are specifically targeted to children, such as bubble gum and watermelon, and sometimes include non-toxic sparkles in the toothpaste.

Within each of these categories, toothpastes vary in ingredients, colour, texture, and flavour. Always check with your dentist if you have a specific dental condition and wish to know which toothpaste is best for you.

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