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First practice in North Western Sydney to have this modern technology!

From extractions to orthodontics to implants, 3D scans provide valuable information vital to diagnosis and determining the best course of treatment. 3D Cone Beam x-ray images provide our dentists with more of the high quality, far more detailed visual information they want for diagnosis and treatment planning. More complete information is a vital key to improved patient care. And for YOU, it can mean more confidence and satisfaction in your treatment.

How Does It Work?
The 3D ConeBeam Imaging system is essentially a digital x-ray scanner mounted on a rotating arm. (Like a digital camera, it uses digital technology to record images instead of old-fashioned film.) It’s called “ConeBeam” because the scanner projects x-rays in a carefully controlled, cone-shaped beam.

You simply stand still while the scanner moves in one complete circle around your head, gathering all the scan data needed. There’s no special preparation necessary.

Our dentists can then call up whatever views they need on a computer monitor whether it be 2D, 3D or “panoramic” views of your entire mouth, even sequences like pages in a book. They can view your images from any angle and in different magnifications, to see the relationships between bones, teeth, airways, nerves and tissues; to plan or evaluate your treatment.

And while 3D ConeBeam Imaging produces the same kind of high-quality images as a CT (CAT) scan, it does so with less radiation.

Further Information

  • No pre-scan preparation required
  • Quick, simple, completely painless
  • A virtually infinite number of views from just one 10-second scan
  • Lower radiation dose than conventional CT scans
  • Gives you the confidence that our dentists have advanced, precise information to plan and monitor your treatment

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