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How Soon After Tooth Loss Can I Get Dental Implants?

After you’ve lost a tooth, you want to replace it as quickly as possible so that your smile’s appearance won’t suffer.

pro_compo_vennDental implants are increasingly popular among patients seeking treatment for tooth loss, but these devices do involve a surgical procedure. Patients may be concerned that opting for an implant dentistry treatment will extend the amount of time they must spend with a noticeable gap in the smile.

Dental implants are increasingly popular among patients seeking treatment for tooth loss…

The timeline for dental implant treatment will vary from case to case, but some patients may be able to have dental implants a short time after the tooth is extracted or lost – after several months of socket healing and bone regeneration. In some special cases, the implant placement procedure can be completed the same day as the extraction.

Implant dentistry requires adequate bone material to support osseointegration between the jaw and implant, and the patient also needs to be in good enough overall health to undergo the implant placement procedure.

Patients who are anticipating a tooth extraction can work with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in advance to plan for the implant placement procedure. The dentist will examine the condition of the tooth and underlying bone and make recommendations for a dental implant placement timeframe that is likely to result in the best outcome for the patient.

The specific details of your case will determine whether you are a candidate for immediate implant placement, immediate-delayed (6-8 weeks after extraction) or delayed (approximately 4-6 months after extraction/tooth loss).

There is a notable advantage in acting quickly to pursue dental implants, in addition to the aesthetic benefits. If a very long period of time elapses (8 months and beyond) between tooth loss and implant placement, the underlying jawbone may erode to the degree that it is no longer sufficient to support the fusion between the titanium implant and the bone.

If you have experienced tooth loss or are facing an extraction, contact Finesse Dental to explore dental implants and the timing for implant placement.

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