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Top 5 Reasons to FLOSS

flossThe point of flossing is to clean where no toothbrush has gone before – between your teeth.

And what is between your teeth?
Tiny bits of old food and plaque that build up will emit a peculiar odour when you open your mouth to talk & smile.

Your mouth is a warm, spongy gateway to the rest of your body.

Germs and bacteria of all shapes and sizes, can and do enter your body through your mouth.

By cleaning out all the little crevices between your teeth, you are not only increasing the life-span of your teeth, but you are taking more steps towards overall well-being.

Flossing decreases your chances of needing to spend extra time in the dental chair. While we love to see you, we are sure that you prefer for it to be for your six-month cleaning than for a filling!

If you are now due for your regular dental check up and clean, book an appointment at Finesse Dental OR if you are a new patient and has been wanting to get a check up and a clean, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 02 8824 4800 to make a booking!


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