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TravelGoals: 4 Reality Checks before Travelling Abroad

travel-goalsToday, people of all walks of life seek care, including dental work, outside their home country: some to see a renowned specialist; others to lower costs.

If you’re considering dental care outside of the country, there are some things you should look into before you become a “dental tourist.” Here are 4 reality checks you should make and then plan for before embarking on your trip.

  1. Differing standards
  • Not all dentistry standards are the same around the world.
  • So, find out first what your destination’s standards are for education, as well as safety, materials and workmanship.
  1. Communication confusion
  • Being unfamiliar with a country’s language can make it harder for you to understand and have your questions answered about your procedure or the costs of meals, rooms and other charges.
  • Be sure ahead of time you and your provider can speak a common language or arrange for translation.
  1. Recuperation blues
  • While spending time in an exotic location sounds like a vacation, being there for a major procedure could be anything but.
  • Make sure you know how long you’ll be there and what inconveniences you might face.
  1. Follow-up care
  • If you have problems or concerns with your treatment after you return home, it may not be practical or possible for you to see the dentist who performed the procedure.
  • So, before you go, try to arrange with a dentist here to see you about follow-up issues.

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